Pool Covers & Nets

Pool Covers & Nets

PVC Solid Cover

Our pool covers are manufactured from most durable reinforced A-grade 600GSM PVC material with a double folded welded hem for extra strength. Our pool cover are not only a safety feature, but can cut your cost to maintain your pool. Our UV protected material can decrease your water evaporation and keep your pool clean and debris out at all times, which leads to less chemical usage. We manufacture your cover to fit the shape and size of your pool. We use a stainless steel anchoring system.  We can also repair your cover if damage is not too intensive.

Slide on Covers

Glides on or off your pool in neat specially designed aluminium tracks and roll up station. Open or close your pool in less than 30 seconds with minimum effort. Slide on cover is designed for square shaped pools. We can also repair your cover if damage is not too intensive

Pipe covers

This cover is specially designed with aluminium poles every 1 to 1.25m apart, supporting your cover. Small drainage holes are added to allow rainwater through. We use stainless steel ratchets, not galvanized ratchets. There is hemming all around the perimeter, not only on the widths. No glue used on cover or sleeves, only high frequency welding. This cover helps you close and open you pool in minimum effort. We can also repair your cover if damage is not too intensive.

Solar Blanket

NOT A SAFETY DEVICE. This cover is use to heat up your pool water up to 8 degrees. Our material is strong and durable. It stops water evaporation and decrease chemical usage. Available in blue and black.

Leave Catchers

This is not a safety device for children but ideal to keep small pets out of the water. Constructed from UV protected shade-cloth with a polyester webbing reinforced hem all around. Allows rain water through but restrain debris and insects. This cover eliminates evaporation and restricts algae growth.